Bob Crain

Bob was born and raised in California, the birthplace of the Hippie Movement, in the “high times” of the Sixties. He moved to Hawaii as a young adult, where he formed views and took up the lessons of life, molded by the people, times, events, waves and winds of the Pacific Ocean. Bob moved to Australia over 20 years ago with his wife, and together they have raised two daughters in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne.

Influenced by artists such as Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, Fred Eaglesmith, Jefferson Airplane and so many more, Bob’s original songs are born in the coffee shops of the 60’s, raised on Rock ‘n’ Roll, and tempered by a lifetime in the Pacific. Bob’s lyrics breathe and articulate his individual perspective on life, history, attitudes, society, consciousness and fun. The words are fused with his folk-based music, tinged with a unique blend of country, rock, soul, and the blues.

Bob has been musically inclined all his life. In recent years, he has been performing in easy listening venues all around Melbourne both solo and with his new band ASHBURY MEDICINE SHOW. His first CD, The Hippies Were Right, has been described as "different from anything being written today", a refreshing view in today’s it’s all about me world. The Hippies Were Right was recorded live in raw acoustic form with only Bob’s guitar and vocals, initially as a demo.

the CrainsThe above was written by one of my lovely daughters…she is somewhat biased but it is accurate.

Bon and his PetsWhere am I going?

What am I doing now and where am I heading musically well... there are so many roads to be run down and plenty to be done.

Music has changed so much in my life so many more outlets and options but one thing still holds true… in Rock’n’Roll the roads don’t have DEAD END signs you just gotta run down the road and see what you find. There are some battles to fight with the "Bloodsuckers" and the "Powers That Be" in the Music World if we don't want to see the Live Music Scene completely disappear. There is an essay on that issue in My Take.

The songwriting continues of course, I have written quite a few new songs since finishing Humanology 101. Each one a bit like a new child, from the embryonic idea that comes in to my head, through a lyric writing stage then putting the lyrics to music and finally working it in to a performance piece.

I have another full batch of songs on the drawing board in one state of incomplete or another and I never know when the next one is coming.

The songwriting is the key to everything! Here's a little piece from my Updated EPK which puts my music in to some context...My Music

Bob CrainPerformances

I have worked hard on my solo performance skills and increasing the "color pallet" and improving on the guitar ... it's a process. Playing and singing with passion is one of the keys people feel that, playing original music makes that easier as you are singing from your own head and heart.

Bob CrainASHBURY MEDICINE SHOW - Like the Medicine Shows of old people and players got on and off like a bus and sometimes it was a solo gig. At the moment there is no one else on the medicine show wagon except me, so I peddle "snake oil" on my own and will continue to ramble the countryside solo till someone else jumps on board.

I am looking forward to continuing on with my life and seeing the world at work around me and receiving the songs... from wherever they come from and getting them transcribed and then out to where they can be listened to.


Martin D28Guitars

I plan to keep playing my ’73 Martin D-28, which is 43 years old this year and just starting to be broken in as wood instruments go and my beautiful vintage Guild Starfire because I can still only play one at a time and I would rather have too many songs than too many guitars...but there is a possibility that I will be adding one more to the collection...stay tuned.

Guild Starburst

Bob Crain in the studioRecordings

My CD’s are solely available to be purchased from this site in the Shop and there are some freebies you can download here as well.

Stay tuned to this site for gig announcements and other updates and have a look at My Take now and then which might have some new song ideas or other goodies as we go along.

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